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Fire Alarm Systems

The damage caused by Fire is potentially one of the greatest risks any business can face. Over 70% of businesses involved in a major fire do not recommence trading or the business fails within 3 years of the Fire. Accidental fires and arson costs industry many millions of pounds in lost revenue and insurers multiples of millions in claims.

The installation and maintenance of a Fire Detection system is vital to the protection of Life and Property, with early detection, every second saved may assist in the recovery due to minimizing the destruction. In the 12 months to June 2006 the number of false fire alarms increased by 2% to 477,700, although this is 6% lower than the peak of 507,000 in 1995. Within this category the number of false alarms due to apparatus rose by 4% to 281,800 and malicious false alarms fell by 3% to 70,200. The economic cost of false alarms to businesses and the Brigade alike are high and the risk to potential loss of life immeasurable.

It is therefore paramount that selecting the right system for each building, its contents and plant. CSG Fire & Security have qualified personnel in Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire detection and alarm systems. These individuals will ensure that the nature of the installation required will meet the requirements of BS5839 Part 6 2004 and the European Standard EN54.

Service and Maintenance is essential in the up keep of the installed system, differing levels of service agreement are offered to the client, allowing access to our 24 hour call centre, and range from next working day to a 4 hour, 24/7 response.

We've included this handy fire alarm battery size calculator for your use. This battery size calculator uses the standard fire alarm battery formula to indicate which size batteries are required to sustain a fire alarm panel under loss of the mains supply. Enter the Quiescent load & Alarm load figures in the above fields in milliamps eg 1/2 amp = 500ma, 1 amp = 1000 etc. This form uses the standard BS5839 battery calculation formula.

This battery size calculation to has is offered for your use 'as is'. CSG Fire and Secuurity cannot be held responsible for the incorrect input of information into this tool or for any calculations returned.

To fully comply with with BS5839, the commissioning engineer should complete and record battery calcuations.

Example Battery Formula & Calculation Completed By This Tool

Assume standby load of 250mA, alarm load of 750mA and a standby period of 24 hours with 30 minutes in alarm condition:

Cmin = 1.25((24 x 0.25) + 1.75(0.75 x 0.5))

= 1.25((6 + 0.66))

= 8.32 Ah

We cover the UK for Fire Alarm Systems.

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