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Keyholder Services

The keyholding service we operate is designed for responding to alarm activations through the red care system. Once you have informed the Alarm Company that CSG Fire and Security Ltd is your preferred keyholder, we will be called upon to respond to ALL your alarm activations and will respond without delay.

On receiving the call from the monitoring station we will arrive at your premises and once there we will do an external patrol to ensure there is no signs of a break-in. If there are signs of a break-in we will not enter the building until we have called the police and they are present. We will also call your company contact to inform them of the above if required to do so.

If there are no signs of a break-in we will enter the building and find out what has set the alarm off and rectify the problem, we will stay at the premises until the alarm has been set and the building armed and locked.

If there is a problem which we are able to deal with rather than having to call out another company (which will incur additional call out fees) we are able to offer this service.

An observation report will be faxed to site so you will be able to see what action was taken; giving the times we arrived and left your premises and who we called to attend.

A follow-up call or visit may also take place to ensure that our response was to your satisfaction or to discuss any issues that you were not happy with.

Key Control

All the keys we hold for our clients are kept in a secure safe within the response vehicle and the keys are marked with a special ID number so they do not identify or link to specific addresses.

For locking and unlocking of client's premises all keys are held on a secure chain and are tightly monitored to ensure their security at all times.


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